Title:  Legolas’ heartache

Author: Mystic

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Rating: PG (Mpreg)

Pairing: Aragorn /Legolas

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Summery: Legolas is distraught after Aragorn’s supposed death. This has a happy ending J

Spoilers: Yes for parts of The Two Towers

Warnings: There is most sappiness at the end :-D

Notes: In this story I’m pretending that Arwen never gave Aragorn her necklace. It doesn’t fit in well.



Legolas stared over the cliffs into the rapid waters flowing below. He wouldn’t let himself believe that his lover was died in that water somewhere. He heard the King say to leave the dead only take the wounded. He glared at the King.


Gimli sighed and looked over the cliff as well. “Come on elf. There is nothing that can be done now. We must hurry there will be more of those things on their way.”


Legolas frowned but turned and walked away. No one would know hard it was to walk away from this site. From the man he loved. No one would know how much he ached inside. He rode his horse back with the others in a mourning silence. He looked at Gimli. He too was in mourning but nothing like he was.


They reached the castle in a short time. Legolas dismounted his horse and walked into the castle. He was asked many questions but he just ignored them and went to the little room he had shared with Aragorn.  His scent was still on the air. He sat on the pile of blankets that still held their scent and wept openly. He wept for his lose and he wept for what would come soon. He knew with out Aragorn he would see his final night and draw his last breath the night of the battle.




Gimli walked back the long corridor, which lead to Legolas’ room. He was worried about his elf friend. He hadn’t been out of the room or even opened the door for anyone since Aragorn’s death. He stopped in front of the door and knocked. “Legolas open the door please.” When he got no answer he pounded harder.  “If you do not open this door I will use my axe and chop it to bits.”

Legolas flung the door open and glowered at the little dwarf. “What do you want dwarf?”


Gimli was a bit taken back by Legolas’ tone. They had become friends during the fellowship. “You must come out here and eat. You need strength to fight the evil army that is coming.”


Legolas turned in disgust. “What do I care?” He shut the door again.


Gimli yelled, “All this mourning. Will not bring him back to life. He was just has much my friend as he was yours. Do you not know that he would be angry that you aren’t going to battle?”


Legolas flung the door open once again. He marched out backing the defiant dwarf into a corner. He yelled in Gimli’s face, “You may have been his friend but he meant more to me then to you. He and I were lovers since before the fellowship.”


Gimli stood stock-still and shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was about to speak when Legolas started again.


“I will do battle with these men but I will die in this fight. I will not live without him. And if you think I need more of a reason to mourn Aragorn’s death. I am pregnant with his child. He and I were to be wed but we were called onto this fellowship. I became pregnant after this fellowship started. I will see my beloved soon.” With that Legolas stormed into his room once again.


Gimli stood in shock for along time as he processed the information that he had just learned. Aragorn and Legolas were lovers since before the fellowship. He had never known or even suspected anything. He should now that he looked back on it. They were always together and whispering quietly to one another. He walked back down the corridor.




Legolas finally left the room. He had finished all the elfin bread. He walked down the corridor to the dining room. He pulled fruit and meat from the food that was on the table. He ignored Gimli who walked up beside him trying to decide what to say. “Gimli, I don’t wish to die with us being enemies so I will say that I’m sorry for how I said it but I am not sorry for what I said. If not for this fellowship Aragorn and I would be married and happy. I understand why we had to do this and I am proud to be a part of it but that doesn’t stop me from being angry.” He took his food and walked away toward an empty deserted stairwell.




Gimli watched his friend go. He sighed. Wishing he could change Legolas’ mind about dieing. He knew nothing could change his mind. He knew how it was to lose family. When they had gone into the mines he not only lost his dwarf family but he thought he had lost Gandalf has well.  He walked away from the food table having lost his appetite. He heard commotion coming men and women alike. He walked over to the window to see what was coming. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw Aragorn riding in to the castle. He ran to the gate to meet Aragorn.


Pushing his way through the people who gathered to greet the men they thought was died. “Get out of the way. I need to see this man. Get out of my way.” He pushed the last person from his path. He greeted the man in a solid heart felt hug. He pulled Aragorn away from the mass of people. In hushed tones he said, “You must go see Legolas. He is not good. He hasn’t been eating well. He has just come out of the chambers where you slept. He planned on dieing in battle to be with you.”


Aragorn’s eyes widened. He forgot about his wounds and everything else when he heard that his Legolas was in grave despair. “You must tell me where he is Gimli. I must get to him before he does something very foolish.”


Gimli pointed to the stairwell. He grabbed Aragorn’s arm. “He told about you two. I wish I had known I wouldn’t have been so harsh about him being in such a state of mourning. Tell him for me I apologize. Also I don’t know how much you know about things but make sure he starts eating all and take great care of him.”


Aragorn nodded, “I will tell him that you apologize.” He hurried to the stairwell where his lover was. He needed to see him. He also wondered what these things Gimli was talking about.  He took the stairs two at time. When he reached the middle he saw his beautiful lover sitting on a stair with back against the wall staring out into the yonder.


Legolas sighed when he heard footsteps. “Gimli please I want to be alone. I don’t wish to have company.” He looked out the window and thought of his lover and father of his child. He knew it was selfish wanting to die while carrying a child but hopeful if it pleased the spirits the three of them would be together in the beyond. Tears flowed freely.


Aragorn’s heart broke for his lover. He spoke quietly to Legolas so only his ears could hear his words, “My beautiful lover I’m not Gimli and before you ask I am not an illusion.”


Legolas jumped to a standing position. He spilled his food all over the floor. He stared at Aragorn in disbelief. “I do not believe it is you. My eyes must be playing cruel tricks on me.”


Aragorn smiled softly and walked over the rest of the stairs and stood in front of Legolas. “Its not a trick played on you by your beautiful eyes. I survived the fall. You can thank my horse for returning me too you.” He laid his hands on Legolas shoulders.


Legolas fell forward into his love’s arms. He wept again but this time he wept for the future he knew he could have now with Aragorn. He kissed Aragorn’s lips softly. “I didn’t think I would see you till after the battle. I was going to die for you. I wanted to be with you.” He thought of the baby. He was happy that he was going to be able to share the joy with his lover.


Aragorn stiffened, “You going to die to be with me. Legolas I wouldn’t have wanted that for you. You shouldn’t think such thoughts.” He held Legolas tighter. He thanked all the gods that he got here before the battle. Before anything bad could happen to his lover. Pulling back he looked at Legolas in the eye. “Gimli says he is sorry for the things that he said to you before. He also says you haven’t been eating properly. He also said I should take extra care of you. What is it that I don’t know lover?”


Legolas’ down cast his eyes. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but I could never find a time when were running to find someone or from something. Do you remember that night we spent alone together after we thought Gandalf had crossed into shadow. We were with the wood elves.” At Aragorn’s nodded he continued, “That night we did something extraordinary. We made a baby.”


Aragorn’s eyes grew wide. “Oh my. You are pregnant.” He laid his hand over Legolas flat stomach. “You and I are going to be parents. Oh my gods. This is a miracle. We must tell everyone. We’ll Gandalf look you over when he returns at first light.”


Legolas let himself be lead to the main room of the castle by his rambling lover. He was happy that Aragorn was accepting this so well. He now knew he could fight this fight and survive to see the dawn. He smiled at a glum look Gimli. He called out to him, “Come along Gimli. Aragorn is insisting I eat until I weight as much as this castle.


Gimli lumbered along after the couple. He was going to protect those two with his life. He rethought that He was going to protect those three with his life. They deserved a chance to be a happy family.